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Before, this book was in a type of digital book. Its online form has been downloaded in excess of multiple times. The starting of the printed book of Nasional.Is.Me was directed at Jakarta Book Festival (2011). As of late, it has been reproduced multiple times. Strikingly, Nasional.Is.Me likewise conveyed a charitable mission. The Hard Rock Cafe’s (HRC) telecaster is applying the idea of sharing. By buying a book, its duplicate consequently gave unreservedly to the young people of Indonesia who lived in country regions. This cause program was upheld by Bentang Pustaka and Sampoerna Foundation.

Deliberately, this book comprised of 3 sections: Know Your Indonesia, Find Your Passion, and Work for the Future of Your People. Altogether, there are 10 parts. From “A Request for A Contemplation” to “From Opening to Closing Sentence Line.” This 330 pages book is a sort of statement. The synopsis of certain responses to every now and again posed inquiries (FAQ) for Pandji’s fans about his affection to Indonesia.

One sharp examination of this previous Proactive Provocative’s moderator was the point at which he separated between patriotism in United States and Indonesia. As indicated by this espresso sweetheart, the US nation is comprised of numerous foreigners who are joined through game. While the world has football (soccer), they made their own: American Football. Why? Due the cutting edge football were coming from England. Local Americans additionally adored b-ball a great deal. Through both these 2 games, all foreigners were taking an interest through the “joint item”. Hence, country’s solidarity is made.

At that point, the main inquiry is, “In Indonesia, what sort of patriotism that we have?” According to Pandji, It is Pancasila, the 5 essential standards. That was in accordance with Anand Krishna’s assessment. Pancasila is the code of life’s satisfaction (The Jakarta Post, 13 July 2012).

Additionally, as saying by Bung Karno, Pancasila was Philosophie Grondslag, the fundamental way of thinking on which all races, religions, varieties were resting in Motherland’s embrace. It is the establishment where joining the contrast among “me” and “you” in “our” general vicinity.


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